Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The 2nd 24 Hour Comic - Part 2

So what happened? How did I "sorta" fail?

12 hours into the 24 hour period, I felt exhausted. I felt the same why I felt in the last few hours of the first 24 Hour Comic. I kept wondering why? What had I done wrong?

I reviewed the day and realized that I had been up for 20 hours. I chose to start the 24 Hour Comic around 8pm, so that when I was done I would be going to sleep at roughly the right bedtime and I would be most awake during the sensitive hours (1-6 am). This was the same plan I used for the first one, and it worked. So why not do it again?

But I did something different this time. Last time I layed in bed, sleeping until ~7pm. This time I got up much much earlier and did stuff all day before starting. Big mistake.

At 12 hours I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to make another 12 hours, oh maybe 2 or 3 hours, but not 12. I had already sketched the entire "story." So I figured if I went to bed, not thinking about the comic at all, and returned to it rested, I could finish it off in another 12 hour period - and it would be "like" I did a 24 Hour Comic.

This wasn't a 24 Hour Comic, as much as it was a 12 + 12 Hour Comic.

And then weirdly, I finished the comic, after resting, in 8 hours. I knew I should have spent 4 more hours detailing it and adding more. But my heart was no longer in it.

Probably because I am sadly frustrated with my own inner turmoil, I will never tell what all the images represent... but perhaps you will enjoy it anyway.

The 2nd 24 Hour Comic - Part 1

YAY Weddings!

I had another opportunity to write/draw a 24 Hour Comic, so, of course, I took it. I recommend reading it before continuing to read this blog entry.

24 Hour Comic #2: "LIFESCOPE"

Remember that no part of the 24 Hour Comic is meant to be created prior to the 24 hour period, so there was little for me to think about in my preparations. However, remembering how the last 24 Hour Comic went, I knew that I did not want to do a literal story.

The last 24 Hour Comic, "Bad Day At the Office," became very preachy, very quickly. I didn't want to write another story that, indirectly, told people how to live their lives. I thought the easiest way to do this was to tell a more abstract story.

And that was the word for the 2nd 24 Hour Comic, abstract.

As such I began with a section of a human's face that would normally not be examined intently. Then I let the images guide me, as I sketched the pages. But somewhere along the way, the images started having meaning. I followed those meanings...and soon found I was being preachy again.

Apparently I am a preachy guy, and when struggling with a deadline, rely on my internal whinings to direct me. I have little idea if this will be notable to any other reader, as I am unclear how much my scribblings make sense. What was your first impression from reading "LIFESCOPE"?

I broke this blog entry into two parts to reflect my experience...yea, I kinda failed to create a comic in 24 hours...well, sorta.