Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Hours Is Not Enough Time!!!!!

When I moved to the current apartment I'm living in, I was on a Scott McCloud kick. So of course, I wanted to make a 24 Hour comic; however I moved to this apartment with a roommate.

Now it's not impossible to set aside 24 hours, despite one's roommate, to create a comic (or as I like to refer to it "to work"). But there's all that interruption and explanation that goes along with it too. I want to avoid that; I just do.

I decided the best time would be when my roomate was out of town. No explanations needed; no interruptions; I would have the entire apartment to myself. I began creating a detailed plan, so that I might leap on an opportunity quite quickly. I realized 24 hours/one day would not be enough. I would need a day before to prepare and a day afterwards to recover (I've pulled all-nighters before. I almost made 3 days straight once): a total of 3 days/72 hours.

4 years later my roommate has not been out of the apartment for more than 48 hours. Well, at least while I'm there. We have both gone to the same weddings, such trips lasted more than 48 hours. And I've left for x-mas vacation for weeks, so who knows what my roomate was doing.

Two weeks ago, my roommate was going out of town for 4 days. Finally!! My roommate came back the next day...without even letting me know.

No go.


some day I'll have 72 hours to create a 24 hour comic................

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