Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beginnning of February.

I decided to title this post as "The Beginning of February" instead of "The End of January", even though this post is mostly about January. Optimism and hope shall lead me onward.

First I found that programs weren't kerning the font I created. Although this may turn out as a blessing in disguise. I have decided for ease I will re-edit the glyphs, with a thought towards the absence of kerning (honestly what's the point of having a font if it can't be kerned??). This will probably reduce the ostentatiousness of the individual glyphs (the final tail of my "y" passes under two letters...unnecessarily).

With new years and visiting friends, I didn't buckle down towards page creations until a good way through January. Ever since, I've been trying to re-acclimate myself to "positive" work schedule. Unfortunately it takes a couple of weeks... So I'm just starting to hit my stride.

On the plus side I found a few new "rulers" in Manga Studio. For parallel lines, circles, and "action" lines (they have some technical name, that I don't care about). But I still have not found a ruler with any measurements on it. For the most part I see little need for specific measurements...except when tiling a floor in perspective! There were a number of situations in the perspective class I took, where using a ruler to create appropriately spaced lines in the proper perspective required a ruler with accurate measurements. So...What up, Manga Studio?!? (I guess none of the floors in Japan are know...

Anyway I should get back to the inky grindstone...
my pages await me.